1. MAY 22 2019
    7:00 PM Mid-week Service
  2. MAY 19 2019
    5th Sunday of Easter
    8:30 AM Divine Worship Service with Communion 9:45 AM Education Hour 11:00 AM Creative Worship Service with Sunday School
  3. MAY 23 2019
    10:00 AM Builders in the Faith Bible Study 6:15 PM Young Families Bible Study
  4. MAY 24 2019
    7:30 PM Youth Group
  5. MAY 20 2019
    1:30 PM LWMLC Meeting Church Office Closed
  6. MAY 26 2019
    6th Sunday of Easter
    8:30 AM Matins Worship Service 9:45 AM Education Hour 11:00 AM Creative Worship Service with Communion & Sunday School
  7. MAY 21 2019
    6:00 PM Women Networking
  1. Blog
    Happy Mother's Day
    Happy mother's day, even though it seems to be that not everyone is happy on mother's day. Did you know that pretending to be perfect is just going to make you miserable, whether in the short term or the long term. Really, what we're talking about is how the fullness of the Gospel is your only way out of these issues.
  2. 22
    Vacation Bible School
    This summer, July 22 - 26 (9AM - 12PM) we invite you to join us on our Jungle Safari for VBS Roar! If you would like to volunteer to help out or if you know a child who might like to attend please talk to Kari Olson and she will get you the information that you need.
  3. 2
    Church Picnic
    12:00 PM
    Join us for the annual Congregation Picnic following the 11:00 AM Worship Service. Food is supplied in the Fellowship hall. A ball game is planned so bring lawn chairs, ball gloves, and sunscreen. Everyone welcome!