1. MAR 27 2019
    5:30 PM Lenten Supper 6:00 PM Confirmation 7:00 PM Lenten Service
  2. MAR 24 2019
    3rd Sunday in Lent
    8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service 9:45 AM Education Hour 11:00 AM Creative Worship Service with Sunday School and Communion
  3. MAR 28 2019
    10:00 AM Builders in the Faith Bible Study
  4. MAR 29 2019
    6:30 PM Confirmation 7:30 PM Youth Group
  5. MAR 31 2019
    4th Sunday in Lent
    10:00 AM Combined Worship Service 11:00 AM Stewardship Sunday Presentation
  1. 22
    Vacation Bible School
    This summer, July 22 - 26 (9AM - 12PM) we invite you to join us on our Jungle Safari for VBS Roar! If you would like to volunteer to help out or if you know a child who might like to attend please talk to Kari Olson and she will get you the information that you need.
  2. Blog
    Precious Snowflakes
    Faustus and the prodigal son, not to mention the reality of how cheap the cost is for our souls. How much are we willing to charge for the most important thing we have? I hate to tell you that the true value of something is only ever what someone is willing to pay.